The ONDC platform aims to create new opportunities, curb digital monopolies and by supporting micro, small and medium enterprises and small traders and help them get on online platforms.

बिना डेबिट कार्ड के एटीएम से पैसे निकालना


Excess2sell – India’s premier B2B online platform for liquidating ageing assets has announced the launch of its mobile app. Available to both Android and iPhone through Google Play Transaq प्लेटफॉर्म इंटरफेस Store and App Store, the company has introduced the mobile app as an extension to its existing online platform Having clocked a phenomenal 6x growth in 2018, the company is on course to grow 600 per cent in FY2019. The mobile app has been introduced with the objective of expanding the B2B buyer and seller base in the country’s tier 2 and tier 3 space.

The app will also target to bring the large unorganised segment onto the one-stop platform for vendors, manufacturers, dealers, wholesalers and distributors to offer their unsold – overstock, excess, ageing inventory across verticals where sellers and buyers (CAN) transact Confidentially, Anonymously and Neutrally.

Syllabus for Bachelor of Education (B. Ed.) Programme DEPARTMENT OF TEACHER EDUCATION

Education has been of interest to the modern nation-states in order to control the discourses of citizenship, and nationality. For the creation of nationalist ideology organized schooling is one of the most favoured state agencies to carry forward the nationalist agenda. The problem is that most of the nationalist ideologies are rooted in patriarchal social systems and nationalism itself is a masculine project. The ideology of hegemonic nationalism is not complete without the ideology of hegemonic masculinity because the latter is about protecting ‘ones women’ whereas the former one about protecting the motherland. Schooling is a complex process and textbooks are the most tangible and concrete aspect of school life. Nationalist, masculine discourses get solidified in textbooks and provides site for interaction between ‘state’ and ‘future generation’. The present research study (discourse analysis in social constructivist framework) of class VI textbooks found that nationalism and masculinity were presented as one and the same. Mostly ruling class, powerful and physically strong males without any trace of weakness were presented in the textbooks. In Transaq प्लेटफॉर्म इंटरफेस most of the textbooks, gendered discourse of nationalism foregrounded the protector (men) and that which had Transaq प्लेटफॉर्म इंटरफेस to be protected, i.e. the nation presented as mother/women. For this purpose heroes from national history has been selected and presented and sometimes metaphors were also used to construct the ideals of virile, sacrificing men. Textbooks provide very fertile grounds to inculcate hegemonic masculinity which is aggressive and superior to femininity but aggression was wrapped or disguised under the cover of patriotism and nationalistic demand.

Poster Drawing Competition on Theme – “Payment without cash- It’s Possible”

From 25th December all payments to New Delhi Municipal Council -- Electricity bill, water bill, property tax, estate license fees, , parking fee, towing charges, penalties, etc .

From 25th December all payments to New Delhi Municipal Council -- Electricity bill, Transaq प्लेटफॉर्म इंटरफेस water bill, property tax, estate license fees, , parking fee, towing charges, penalties, etc will be possible through cashless means - swipe machine/POS, mobile wallet, e-wallet, AADHAR enabled payment means, Unified payment interface, net banking etc. NDMC is the first local body to go cashless for all forms of transactions.

Smaller expenses like payment of user-charges for garbage disposal, parking Transaq प्लेटफॉर्म इंटरफेस fee, fine for towing of vehicle, monthly rent to the civic body, etc, people would be able to use all these options. For the smooth transition towards cashless NDMC has adopted multi-pronged strategy. All NDMC employees have been trained in the ways Transaq प्लेटफॉर्म इंटरफेस Transaq प्लेटफॉर्म इंटरफेस and means for cashless transaction through special awareness camps. IEC activities for the citizens have been organized; a team of dedicated volunteers is working at the NDMC facilitation centers to help the citizens in adapting to cashless transactions. NDMC has made its payments gateways user friendly and attractive to make the entire experience of digital payments HASSLE FREE. Attractive offers like rebate in the bill amount are also being extended for shifting to digital means. NDMC does not charge any transaction fees on any digital transaction.

Cash Withdrawal from ATM Without Debit Card

An innovative step has been taken by AGS Transact Technologies to develop a new mobile application. With the help of the application, users will be able to withdraw money with the help of UPI or Unified Payment Interface. It goes without saying that by the introduction of this interface, the cash withdrawal can be made easily without the use of debit cards at the ATM corners. By the help of UPI 2.0, the transactions will be carried out based on the QR code method of payment. This method does not involve the use of any pin. Here, the new application launched will be used for scanning purpose, and it is considered way safer the physical use of the debit cards or any pin. This has made the method of withdrawing cash an easy Transaq प्लेटफॉर्म इंटरफेस affair with the launch of UPI 2.0 application.

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